• 15th March, 2019

    Frequently Asked Questions About Depression

    Depression with Other Health Conditions

    Is depression common among people with other health problems?

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  • 15th March, 2019

    Tackling Dementia – Preventative Strategies

    Dementia is a collection of symptoms that are caused by disorders of the brain. It’s not one specific disease. It can affect thinking, behaviours and the ability to perform everyday tasks. Dementia is currently the second leading cause of death in Australia, contributing to 5.4% of all deaths in males and 10.6% of all deaths in females.

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  • 29th August, 2018


    What is Osteoporosis?

    Osteoporosis is a disease that affects over 1 million Australians. This disease makes the bones brittle leading to a higher risk of fractures than normal bones. When the body loses calcium, faster than it can be replaced, there is loss of bone thickness, ultimately leading to Osteoporosis.

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  • 17th February, 2017

    Dentures: What your Hamilton Dentist can do for you!

    dentures brisbane - partial dentures hamilton

    Nobody plans to lose a tooth, or multiple teeth. Alas, a missing tooth is a reality that many people face. Contrary to what our parents told us, tooth loss it not always a result of poor hygiene. In fact, it is often a result of an accident or congenital absence – wherein the baby tooth was not replaced by an adult tooth.

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  • 16th November, 2016

    Extras Cover: Don’t throw away your money this year!

    cartoon tooth - Hamilton Dentists

    If you have private health insurance and extras cover, don’t waste your benefits! The vast majority of private health funds calculate your annual maximum limits for services over a calendar year.

    With November in full swing, it means you have just over a month to use what is left of your cover! Don’t throw away what could be hundreds-of-dollars worth of benefits because you didn’t know.

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  • 10th November, 2016

    Why Flossing Should Be Your Best Friend

    Flossing Cartoon - Hamilton Dentists

    For most of us, advice about flossing from our dentist tends to flow through one ear and out the other like, well, like dental floss through our teeth. It’s like when we were all learning about the basics of dental hygiene someone headed some blasé advice. ‘Hey kids, try your best, floss is fun, kind of… but, yeah just brush at least’. So here we were, cute little tykes, with baby pearly whites, brushing our teeth with our Big Bird handled toothbrushes and not having a single thought for floss. Poor floss got left out when really he should be hanging out right next to Big Bird and our favourite toothpaste.

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  • 28th October, 2016

    How to Deal with Problematic Wisdom Teeth

    Impacted Tooth - Hamilton Dentists

    Ironically, wisdom teeth don’t seem very smart, as they are always getting stuck below other teeth and growing in the wrong direction. For many, wisdom teeth cause nothing but pain and problems and it’s best to stop the trail of destruction before it’s too late.

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  • 31st August, 2016

    Why teeth whitening is so popular

    Clean Teeth - Hamilton Dentists

    We weren’t all blessed with the genes for a bright white smile, and many of us are also contending with lifestyle factors and health problems that can affect the look of our teeth through staining. Even when your dental regime is flawless, there’s still no guarantee that you’ll overcome the challenges affecting your teeth, and you could still be left unsatisfied with the appearance of your lacklustre smile.

    If you’re like many other people unhappy with the colour of their teeth, you might be tempted to try one of the many over-the-counter teeth whitening products available. But because the risk of damage is so high when the treatment is unsuitable for you, most dentists will never recommend you whiten your teeth yourself without consulting a professional first.

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  • 31st August, 2016

    Preventative care: 5 reasons why it’s important to have regular teeth check ups

    Important Regular Teeth Checkup - Hamilton Dentists

    Preventative care is the single most important factor in maintaining healthy teeth and gums—and yet it’s the aspect of dental care that most people tend to neglect. It’s a lot easier to prevent problems with your teeth than to treat them, but regular dental check ups seem to get missed among all the other family obligations throughout every year.

    If you’re having trouble committing to a thorough dental care regime, it pays to remember the reasons why you should have check ups every 6 months. Good dentists know that it’s in the best interests of their patients to provide preventative care: apart from the freshness and aesthetic benefits of a regular cleaning, preventative care also helps to strengthen the teeth, reduce the chance of decay, and even prevent bad breath. It could save you a lot of time and pain down the track—as well as a lot of money.

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